What I’m about

Artist Statement: Helen Goodear


I have been exploring themes of safety and refuge, in particular that of women.

I began to look at nests and hidden spaces in trees where one could observe, yet not be observed…Where there was a sense of haven. I am concerned with how those sanctuaries appear to the onlooker, and now, also what the view is like from within.

I seek to represent that sense of calm, relief, safety…waiting until all is right.

Now and then, the branches meet overhead, showing the way to go forward.  At other times, they graze the ground, providing a veiled shelter.

Some of my trees have a womb- shaped void to lend a sense of growth and expectancy.  Other times, I give a glimpse of what is seen through the branches, past the sturdy trunks.  Now and then, the world outside appears stormy, wild and threatening, yet there is a safe place, out of harm’s way.

I want to show what it looks like from the shelter inside the leaves, when the light is diffused and the spaces between shapes appear circular or distorted.

I am also interested in painting shadow patterns, and how they are kind of misleading:  not the actual thing, but an image that is subject to change.  So not safe/ substantial/ real.

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